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20 3D Illusion Study Lamps To Help You Focus

By Erik Garcia April 18, 2019 0 comments

That big test is coming up but you don’t have any motivation to study. You might need a 3D Illusion Study Lamp to avoid distractions and get things done. An article from agrees with us, “Good lighting improves attention span, accuracy and productivity.”

 3D Illusion Study Lamps are all about giving you a great and comfortable experience at night. With the many available 3D Lamps on the market, you have a wide array of possibilities to customize your experience in the dark with different 3D Illusion Lamp Designs.


How Does a 3D Illusion Lamp Help You Focus?

3D Illusion Lamps are known for their unique colors and designs. It may seem so that it would only look like a distraction for you when you work on your desk. Good Lighting helps you

  1. Sets the atmosphere to do work.

Everyone knows about how a bad workspace can lead to unproductive work. Our body actually responds to the state of our workspace that can drastically affect our motivation to do our work or not. 3D Illusion Lamps provide aesthetics to our workspace, and train our body to be signaled to work whenever the lamp is around. The key takeaway is, configure your workspace and you also configure your productivity.


  1. Improved Mood.

Here’s the thing, poor lighting sets bad conditions in your space as well. You wouldn’t want to be working under an atmosphere that’s depressing and stressful do you?

3D Lamps can serve as lighting that provides positive ambience and create a calm and productive area for work and studying.


  1. Lessen Eye Strain.

Bad lighting causes eye strain. Majority of your work makes use of your eyes, and practically all of your senses in a great collaborative efficiency. Eye strain makes an impaired efficiency and you’re definitely going to have less work done or no work at all.


Here are 20 different 3D Illusion Study Lamps that can help you focus.

  1. Cute Lazy Man Animal 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


Starting off with the first item on our list is the Lazy Man 3D Illusion Lamp. You might think that this first one seems like the opposite of what we want, “focus”. Laziness is the complete opposite of being focused, just like the character featured on this 3D Lamp.

However, let this 3D Illusion Study Lamp remind you of what you actually shouldn’t be when you’re working, lazy, and immediately get to work on your studying. The 3D Lamp also represents a cozy, housewarming look to keep you relaxed and unstressed while you study. Being relaxed makes you more likely to absorb those notes that you read.


  1. Harry Potter 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


We’re willing to bet that the only people that don’t like Harry Potter are the ones who haven’t seen it yet. The book and the movies are complete utter masterpieces of universe building, kudos to J.K Rowling.

With this specific 3D Illusion Study Lamp, wouldn’t you like the ever diligent wizard, Harry Potter, point his wand at you and seemingly tell you to study hard, just as he studies hard for his school of wizardry. This 3D Illusion Study Lamp is simply a must to get and is going to be super aesthetic for a Potterhead’s room.


  1. Animal Lovely Dog 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Next, we have a new animal on our list, a cute sitting holographic dog. Who wouldn’t want a cute animal sitting on their desk as they work on a few notes and absorbing some study material. The little dog would not only be improving your mood as you hopefully actually study for your exams.

Another reason why you should be getting this specific design for your 3D Illusion Study Lamp is because it’s also going to help you feel like you have company, even without studying, this dog makes you feel like you have a little pet sitting on your desk, comfortably, giving you some illumination whenever you need it.


  1. Cute Doggy 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


Just like the previous one on our list, we have another cute 3D holographic dog for our study lamp. The reasons why you should get this 3D Lamp design are exactly the same as the previous one, but in regards to your preference, you probably wouldn’t want a sitting cozy dog but instead a little standing watch dog that encourages you to flip through those notes and pass the exams with flying colors. Speaking of flying colors, you can obviously change the colors as much as you’d like with all of the 3D Lamps we mentioned.


  1. Dragon Ball Saiyan 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, then an angry-and-determined-ready-to-kill-you face of Goku would definitely be the motivating factor for you to focus and study your material. Even without the context of the spectacular anime, it’s always amazing to have one of these lying around to help you illuminate your desk and study well for your exams.

This specific 3D Study Lamp is absolutely a must to get for Dragon Ball Z fans so we encourage you to get one as soon as you can to Saiyan up that awesome room of yours.


  1. Chi's Sweet Home Cat 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

If you ever heard of the heartwarming anime, “Chi’s Sweet Home,” then you’d absolutely love this cat named “Chi”. Honestly, this isn’t just for the people who love the anime. If you love cats, we definitely recommend for you to watch this anime and also get one of these 3D Illusion Lamps.

This 3D Illusion Lamp design of a cat is great for everybody. Not only is it going to illuminate your desk as you study, but the heartwarming greeting of a smiling cat is going to help you relax as you flip through your notes without the stress.


  1. Disney Pumbaa 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

“It means no worries, For the rest of your days, It's our problem-free philosophy, Hakuna Matata.” If you just sang those lines, then we recommend you immediately get this 3D Illusion Lamp as fast as you can! Live by those words of Hakuna Matata, sang by Pumbaa, Timone, and Simba in the movie Lion King.

This 3D Illusion Study Lamp of Pumbaa will always remind you of that philosophy and try and stay unstressed whenever you’re doing the stressful activity of studying. We know we do, so we absolutely recommend that you’d get one of these now!


  1. Stereo Love Heart 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Can’t study as well as you can? What can you do about it?

Love. Love is the answer. Love what you are doing even though it’s difficult. You always know about how if you’re not passionate about a thing you’re doing, you wouldn’t be able to push through with it. Find something you would love about the work and the hustle and eventually, it’s going to come natural.

If you love that, then let this love-themed 3D Illusion Study Lamp remind you of that every single day.


  1. Paw Patrol Cute Dog 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Get Cap’n Turbot, the character from the cute animated show, PAW Patrol. We’ve shown you a couple dogs on this list before, so here’s another dog that is actually a celebrity. The police-style theme of this character is definitely going to encourage you to study hard because you’re under patrol. If he catches you slacking off, you’ll not only be disappointing yourself and your grades, but also this little dog.

This 3D Illusion Study Lamp is an absolute must-get for PAW Patrol fans, especially kids. However, if you like that metaphor we just mentioned, why not give it a try!


  1. Chick 3D Illusion Lamp Night

We have a few more animals on this list for our 3D Illusion Study Lamp designs. This next one is a cute little chick that watches you as you skim and flip through your study notes. If you don’t feel like getting the previous cute animals we mentioned, then you’d probably like a fowl for your animal.

This cute little chick will watch you study all night or day for your exam. It’ll even sit around to watch you at night and keep you company when you doze off to sleep. A little chick is never going to intimidate you and might even improve your mood.


  1. Sporty Car 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


Maybe you’d like to be motivated of the possible rewards of working hard. Maybe a 3D Illusion of a holographic car might tickle help you be up for the task of studying. If you love automobiles and all things such, then not only are you going to love this 3D Illusion Lamp sitting on your desk, it’s also going to complement your interests.

This 3D Illusion Lamp is a must-get for car lovers and could be a motivating factor for you to study. Who knows, you might get the same car for yourself someday.


  1. Pokemon Arcanine 3D Illusion Lamp

Pokemon fans rejoice because here we have a pokemon known for its majestic design and title of a legendary. Even though Arcanine isn’t actually a legendary Pokemon, a lot of people would still agree that it looks as much like one because of its unique design.

For Pokemon fans that struggle with focus when they’re working or studying, this Pokemon-themed 3D Illusion Study Lamp is a must-have. You’ll finally have the luxury of having a Pokemon by your side as you flip through your stressful notes to keep you company.


  1. Elegant Hand 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light


Here we have a more unique kind of 3D Illusion Lamp that is, well, a shape of a hand. This 3D Illusion Study Lamp isn’t much but it has a really great aesthetic when placed near or around a workspace.

A hand obviously has some sort of symbolism related to working hard and finishing tasks, so maybe you’d like to have one of these almost real artistic designs on the top of your desk. The abstract design on this fits most house layouts and aesthetics.


  1. New Virgin Mary 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

We have another 3D Illusion Lamp that might help you focus because of the divine and holy vibe it gives. Here is a Virgin Mary 3D Illusion Study Lamp that has an amazing effect around a dark room as it glows at night. For most of you folk out there that are interested in spiritual decorations around the house, this Virgin Mary Lamp is going to bring wonders to that aesthetic.

Aside from a great night light for studying, this lamp is going to keep you company in most of your stressful nights so go get one of these as soon as you can.


  1. AnglerFish 3D Illusion Lamp

If you don’t have a taste for the cute animals we have featured on this list, why not have a try on a more unique and rare kind of sea animal, the Anglerfish. Known for its scary and deep-sea characteristics, it’s definitely going to look cool on the top of your desk as you study for your exams at night.

 It even fits the illumination aspect of a lamp as the Anglerfish has its iconic little Esca or the little light bulb on top of its head. This isn’t much about intimidating you to study but might actually help you focus having a cool little lamp around your workspace.


  1. Hunting Dog 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Since we’re kind of the vicious animals side now, why not add to that with a Hunting Dog for your 3D Illusion Study Lamp. The minimalistic design of the dog is definitely going to help you focus and keep your head in the game of studying.

Like we said in our previous items on this list, you’ll feel comfortable having a little dog hanging around the top of your desk as you work on the stressful nights of studying. If you’re not into the cute animal designs, but still love dogs, well here’s a little bit more of a serious dog that’ll fit great on your workspace.


  1. Bear And Love Heart 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Moving back to cute animals, love is always in the air. This little bear will help you focus on studying in those dark stressful nights of studying. It holds a heart to keep you cozy and focused on the tasks at hand.


  1. Chess Knight 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

The game of life is all about strategy. When we talk about strategy, we think of popular strategy board games like Chess. Through the years, we don’t actually notice this that much but the Knight piece has really become an almost iconic symbol for the game of chess.

The inherently simple design of the Knight piece actually fits almost symmetrically on any surface and would definitely be a great shape for a 3D Illusion Study Lamp. Which is why you can easily replace a normal study lamp with a cooler and more energy efficient lamp.


  1. Windmill 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Here’s one more of those symmetrically shaped 3D Illusion Study Lamps that’s definitely not only going to fit the top of your desk but also help you study for the big test. This specific 3D Illusion Lamp plays a lot with visual keys and symmetry that are great and all but might also help you focus while you work.


  1. Eagle Head 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Finally, we have a cool eagle head for a 3D Illusion Study Lamp. This specific lamp is seemingly inspired from the popular and iconic bald eagles of America. We all know how awesome those birds look, and they’ll be even more awesome when they sit on top of your desk to keep you company as you study.

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